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Digital Agency, Growthhacking

What is Growth Hacking? (Part 2)

by Comrade Web Agency     |    10/18/16 7:54 AM

Digital Agency, Growthhacking, Chicago

12 Reasons Chicago is the #1 Tech City (Part 2)

The beginning is here.  1 2 Reasons Chicago is the #1 Tech City (Part 1).  
The reasons why Chicago is the best for tech startups was just too long to put in one  blog post! Here are reasons seven through twelve of why Chicago is the optimal  place to establish your next tech startup.  

The Events

Chicago hosts hundreds of tech events each year. These events are organized by  companies, nonprofits, investors, and accelerators and their content range from  networking events to presentations and panel discussions. There are smaller events each week around the city in addition to the larger tech conferences like Techweek, the Chicago Innovation Awards, and the Moxie Awards.

The Education

If you're looking to break into the tech scene, there are a few things you need to  know first - like code. Chicago offers various code schools and bootcamps for those  just starting and for anyone looking to expand their digital vocabulary. Each coding  school and class is different. Some concentrate on web development, some zero in  on a particular language, and others focus on multiple languages and frameworks.  Do your research, identify your weaknesses and get to work.

The Dev Shops

You have an idea but not the knowledge or resources to make it a reality. Why  should that stop you? Chicago offers hundreds of reputable Dev Shops that will  partner with you to make your product or business dreams come true. Make sure  you check out their portfolio to get an idea of their strengths and specialties before signing on the dotted line.

The Startups

Each year, tech enthusiasts flock to Chicago to starttheir companies. Why should  you care? They're your competition, right? Not necessarily. Having a community of like-minded startups all around you means that you can trade secrets and advice  and avoid pitfalls that your fellow startups fell into, giving you an edge against the rest.

The Neighborhoods

Chicago has been conveniently divided into different sections, each with their own  demographics, interests, and costs. It allows you to better allocate your resources and find the best deals without spending your time looking all over the city.

The Marketing

Because there are so many startups in Chicago, the marketing scene has adapted. Marketing agencies, like Comrade Web Agency, have either dedicated a part of their  company to working with startups or are devoted to working with startups  exclusively. These agencies use creative, inexpensive methods for getting you, your  company and your idea out in the digital world so you can focus on developing your  product and we'll focus on getting it in front of your online consumers.
by Comrade Web Agency     |    10/11/16 7:57 AM

Technology, Digital Agency, Chicago

12 Reasons Chicago is the #1 Tech City (Part 1)

If you ask any Chicagoan, they'll tell you that Chicago is the best city in the world.  Their opinion is subjective but what's not subjective is how nurturing Chicago is for  startup tech companies. Here are 12 reasons why Chicago is the optimal place to  establish your next tech startup.  

The History

Chicago has a rich history if tech innovation. Starting as early as the 1920's, this city  has founded some of the most notable tech companies including Motorola, which  remains one of the city's largest tech employers.  The first big tech wave came in the 1970's and 80's with the formation of companies  like Morningstar, CCC Information Services and HERE (which was still Navteq at  that point), all of who are still big players. The second wave came in the 1990's. Since that second wave, the Chicago tech scene  has continued growing exponentially, employing nearly 55,000 at the end of 2015.

The Heavy Hitting Employers

Chicago was home to 89 digital technology companies with 100 employees or the  last year, a 16% increase from 2014. While Morningstar, HERE, Coyote Logistics and  Enova account for spots 2-5 — all over 1,000 Chicagoans in employment, Groupon  remains the city’s biggest tech employer with over 2,000 people on staff.  Additionally, Chicago's tech scene has also made a vast impact on the local economy.  The sector employed more than 54,000 Chicagoans in 2015 - a notable increase  from the 33,000 employed in 2012.  


The Influencers

With so many established tech companies calling Chicago home, it's no surprise that  some of the world's top tech influencers flock here. Tech pioneers like Troy Henikoff  and Howard Tullman come to the city in order to use their past experiences to help  startups flourish. Other influencers, like Shradha Agarwal and Joe Mansueto, are  investing and advising companies while they continue to work on their own  companies and adding valuable insight on current trends and business strategies.

The Programs

It's easy to come up with a tech business idea - but turning that idea a reality is an  entirely different monster. If your idea needs to gain a lot of speed / cover a lot of  ground in a short amount of time, you may want to look into Chicago's incubator  and accelerator programs.  Veteran entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders in the tech community lead these programs.
by Comrade Web Agency     |    10/4/16 7:58 AM

Technology, Growthhacking

What is Growth Hacking? (Part 1)

by Comrade Web Agency     |    9/27/16 8:00 AM
Company News, Digital Agency

Comrade Hidden Passions

by Comrade Web Agency     |    9/20/16 1:30 PM

Digital Agency

How to Select an Agency After Receiving RFP’s

You’ve sent out your RFP’s and now must go through the difficult task of selecting an agency to work with. How do you know which agency is right for you? If you're looking for serious results, here are the three things to look for in a new agency partnership.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    9/13/16 8:00 AM

Insider, Company News, Digital Agency, Branding

Our Quest for the Perfect Client

At Comrade Web, we’re not looking for clients -- we’re looking for partners. As a custom agency, we need businesses that want to partner with us to create things that are effective, new and memorable.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    9/6/16 1:30 PM

Technology, Digital Agency, Branding

The Music that Inspires Us

One of the most effective tools that people use to motivate and inspire themselves, is music. Here at Comrade, when you enter the office, you are either greeted with the sound of music blasting or silence as everyone plugs in his or her own headphones to listen to their preferred music genre. Here is the music that inspires us.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    8/30/16 1:30 PM

Digital Agency, Branding

Why On-Line Will Always Require Off-Line:

Don’t get us wrong, online is great – heck, as a digital agency, we’re online all day long. But, with the digital world seemingly encompassing every aspect of our lives, it’s becoming more common to see businesses funneling all their energy and resources online while neglecting their offline responsibilities.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    8/23/16 1:30 PM

Digital Agency, Graphic Design, Branding

The Difference Between Graphic Design and Branding

Many companies believe that logos, headers, and business cards are what make a brand. They’re wrong. Understanding the difference between branding and graphic design is the first necessary step to creating your own brand that is unique, strong and alive.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    8/16/16 1:29 PM