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2017 Digital Marketing Forecast

by Comrade Web Agency     |    1/30/17 10:55 AM

Insider, Technology, Digital Agency

What’s Going On With Twitter Stocks?

When Twitter began, many were skeptical about its longevity. Who wants to be limited to 140 characters?! Well, a lot of people apparently. The social media platform has grown exponentially, becoming one of the most valuable sites online – and rumor has it, it's up for sale.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    11/14/16 2:35 PM

Technology, Digital Agency, Chicago

12 Reasons Chicago is the #1 Tech City (Part 1)

If you ask any Chicagoan, they'll tell you that Chicago is the best city in the world.  Their opinion is subjective but what's not subjective is how nurturing Chicago is for  startup tech companies. Here are 12 reasons why Chicago is the optimal place to  establish your next tech startup.  

by Comrade Web Agency     |    10/4/16 7:58 AM

Technology, Growthhacking

What is Growth Hacking? (Part 1)

by Comrade Web Agency     |    9/27/16 8:00 AM
Technology, Digital Agency, Branding

The Music that Inspires Us

by Comrade Web Agency     |    8/30/16 1:30 PM


Let's talk Audio User Experience and User Interface

If you live in Chicago, it’s inevitable that you’ve utilized some form of CTA transportation. Have you ever stopped to think about the audio user experience? A lot of thought goes into the announcements you hear and user "interface" for the CTA’s "el" and bus system riders.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    5/24/16 2:29 PM

Technology, Digital Agency

Comrade Web Is On A Hunt For Best Free Team Collaboration Tools

Running a small company is difficult, there's no doubt about that. Organizing employees and assgnments is an intricate task and if not done correctly, it can casue negative financial consequences for your business. But how do you choose the right platform for your company? As a smaller business ourselves, with several remote employees, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our functionality.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    2/24/16 11:09 AM

SEO & Online marketing, Technology, Design & Development, Digital Agency, Marketing Library

The Pros and Cons of Building a Website

What is a DIY website builder? A DIY website builder is a way for you to build and publish a website, without having to know code. Web designing websites allow you to easily sign up and start inserting components such as text, images, slideshows, etc., into a blank canvas so you can begin building your website.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    1/27/16 1:47 PM

Insider, SEO & Online marketing, Technology, Design & Development, Mobile Responsiveness

Grade Your Website with a Top Chicago Web Design Company

At Comrade Web, a Chicago web design company, part of working hard for our clients includes researching websites. In today’s ever-changing digital age, the website traits that attract and retain consumer attention vary based upon their expectations, devices, and psychology. 

by Comrade Web Agency     |    8/15/15 6:07 PM

Technology, Manufacturing Industry

5 Ways The Internet Is Transforming Manufacturing in 2015

At Comrade Web digital marketing agency, we work with a very diverse clientele, helping to revolutionize their industries by bringing them into the digital arena. Our clients in the manufacturing industry have been particularly receptive; in the past few years, new technology and increased globalization has led to unprecedented changes in business strategy for manufacturers everywhere.

by Comrade Web Agency     |    4/2/15 3:13 PM